Gallery hours with the Curator

Saturday, Jan 22, 2022 1 – 4 pm

2010 W. Carroll Ave
Chicago, IL 60612

Guest Curated by Cody Tumblin

How would you describe a landscape? Would you use a brush? Would you use your heart? Would you sing a song? If a bird can sing a song to describe the shape of the day, surely we can whistle a tune that paints a stage for the sun. And if the sun can shine, we may be able to find our way in the darkness. When the sun presses against the darkness, early in the morning, its love bends and breaks the horizon into a thousand colors. If the warmth of the day comforts and guides, then it is the stars that ask us to look up and dream. If only we could dream more like the trees do, drinking in the heavens with each passing storm. Each drop of rain could be a message, a hymn, a secret from the sky above.