Wednesday, Oct 3 – 27, 2018 5 – 6 pm

1463 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60642

Exploring themes of identity, voice, and agency, Lee’s current body of work draws from recent research on themes of personal identity and what it means to have, and find, a voice. Her work depicts figures that may appear childlike and innocent at first, but often have an underlying psychological undercurrent. Some figures include crowns, others antlers which work to suggest relating to regeneration and transformation.

After working in large scale for most of her life, Lee’s paintings explore imagery on a much smaller scale, drawing the viewer in, and a square format. Line, deliberately varied and expressive, is an important element here. Color is also an integral part of the work, including experiments with silver leaf. Repetition in some of the work invites the viewer to interpret, dispute, challenge, and reinvent repeated imagery and mainstream narratives.