Greg Stimac: Amulet

Opening: Friday, Apr 19, 2019 5 – 8 pm
Friday, Apr 19 – Jun 1, 2019
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1709 W. Chicago
Chicago, IL 60622

In Gallery 2

"In Amulet, Greg Stimac presents a new body of photographic prints alongside his series of sculptures made from rifle-stocks. The imagery depicted in the new photographs—which recall Rorschach tests—reference the earth’s masses of land and bodies of water, and represent a kind of experimental cartography. In both the photographs and sculptures, Stimac creates, with simple moves applied to familiar subjects, something surprising and unfamiliar. Amulet offers a particular chance to reflect on the intimate proximity of processes that are typically experienced as foreign to one another. Namely: mundane, everyday thinking and wonder and imagination. In Stimac’s hands, rifle-stocks and landmasses—icons of purely material, modern existence—take on the semblance of something whose nature lies instead in imaginative reflection. 

Upon viewing the work: you look, and you find something...and you also find something else, something more. Here, the gun is always at the same time a body; and the landmass, a monster. An elemental creature, a whimsical silhouette, a haunting mask, an erotic organ—for Stimac, these can all be names for the same thing."

—Scott Cowan


Image: Greg Stimac, Atlantic (NE), 2019, Silver Gelatin Print