Monday, Apr 13, 2020 7:30 – 9 pm

716 N. Wells
Chicago, IL 60654

History is recorded by the artists.  Without art, we would know very little about the evolution of humanity.  

Although the many of mechanisms of our world as we knew it have come to a pause, this is a very special time in our history when we can choose to embrace what is presented before us and rise to the next level. As we learn how to navigate our daily breath, we are faced with learning what has most relevance to our very existence.   

And that is precisely what we aim to do. Since we had to postpone our scheduled series of exhibitions this spring, we decided to bring you a special opportunity to meet artists and experts in the various fields of art, live, in their own homes, up close and personal, as we launch our  HILTON| ASMUS LIVE  broadcast series. 


HILTON | ASMUS LIVE Broadcast: BLAKE WARD & BOKY HACKEL-WARD from their home in Monaco

Monday, April 13th:  7:30 pm CST

To join the Interactive Live Broadcast please click on www.hiltonasmus.com

1.  You may login to the livestream page on  www.hiltonasmus.com

 2.   You may join via the INSTAGRAM page to follow the conversation.  Click on the link below: