Hunter Buck

Friday, Apr 5 – Jul 12, 2019

325 W. Huron
Chicago, IL 60654

Using graphite, charcoal, enamel and acrylic paint, my work on canvas explores a curiosity in the human connection to the land. Repetitive motions and the resulting transfer act as a tool to record not only the land, but the artist in space and time.

Touching and rubbing become central themes in each piece, documenting the sensual connection between body and places/objects.  the body’s natural gestures and mechanics become part of the image as well as limitation for size and quality of mark making.

Later additions compound this physical field work with more abstract reactions to memories of the experience.  Works live between locations and travel back and forth, along with objects, remnants, and artifacts from the creative experience.  Each part interchangeable, but absolutely necessary in the experiential creation of the work.  

Through this painting process I am granted a new perspective on these places and materials that I normally would have overlooked.  I hope that these recordings can inspire others to look and find beauty as I have.

- Hunter Buck, 2019



Hunter Buck
Taughannock, 2019
drypoint etching / intaglio print
edition 1/6
18" x 15"