Idol Hands

Opening: Friday, Dec 17, 2021 6 – 8 pm
Friday, Dec 17, 2021 – Feb 12, 2022

201 S. Ashland Ave.
Chicago, IL 60608

A group show dedicated to craft at Epiphany Center for the Arts.

Chicago-based artist, muralist, and sculptural fabricator Czr Prz is pleased to present Idol Hands, the latest group show of his own curation. Dedicated to craft, fabrication, and structure, this exhibition presents new and original works by fifteen artists from across the United States, each selected for their unique approach to 3D and material-based work. Idol Hands opens on December 17th at Epiphany Center for the Arts in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood, and will remain on view through February 2022.

The varied and visually arresting array of artworks across this exhibition illustrate the infinite possibilities that await any artist brave enough to break beyond the picture plane. Though united by an undeniable urban contemporary edge, each artist supplies the show with hallmarks of their standalone practice. NYC-based Sarah Best harnesses delicately cut paper to render textures with startling realism while Detroit-based DENIAL crafts a catchy yet sharp anticonsumerist call to arms.

Prz's affinity for fabrication starts with his working-class, Caribbean-Latino upbringing in notoriously blue collar Chicago. Prz’s sculptural fabrication practice employs heavy machinery in homage to central values from his culturally vibrant childhood spent engaged with life, with work and craftsmanship, the integrity and art in it all. 

Idol Hands takes its name from the Christian aphorism, “Idle hands are the devil’s playground,” refocusing the stale phrase towards our fingers’ profound ability to animate godforms. Whether hanging on the wall or freestanding, built from balloons or sewn neatly with needlework, every piece throughout Idol Hands honors a hands-on approach to artmaking. Its artists all hail from disparate circumstantial, geographic, and conceptual backgrounds. Their diverse artworks assess the question of craft through the eyes of professionals who’ve built entire creative practices with their own two hands. 



Sarah Best (NYC)                             DENIAL (Detroit/Canada)

Sea Of Doom (Philadelphia)          Woes Martin (LA)

Ian Kuali’i (NM/Hawai’i)                 Balloonski\ (LA)   

Phybr (Detroit)                                 Hank Von Hellion (Worcester, MA)

Czr Prz (Chicago)                           CLS (Denver)

Zeye (Chicago)                                Jb Snyder/Janel Garza (Phoenix)           

Elloo (Chicago)                               Anthony Lewellen (Chicago)

Mr BBaby (LA)