In The Waiting Room Exhibition Walk Through

Thursday, Feb 13, 2020 6 – 7 pm

University of Chicago
5811 S. Ellis Ave.
Cobb Hall, 4th fl.
Chicago, IL, 60637

Executive Director and Chief Curator Solveig Øvstebø leads an informal tour of Silke Otto-Knapp’s solo exhibition, In the waiting room.

Otto-Knapp’s paintings carry a certain enigmatic quality, the seeming simplicity of the reduced compositions belied by their layered, diaphanous surfaces and a powerful sense of atmosphere. In the waiting room brings together a new group of large-scale works, situated in a patterned arrangement of free-standing structures to form a kind of multidimensional stage set within the gallery.


Image: Silke Otto-Knapp, Formation, 2019.