Opening: Friday, Jun 10, 2022 5 – 9 pm
Friday, Jun 10 – 25, 2022

1541 W. Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60642

Mu Gallery is pleased to present and welcomes all to the opening of ‘INSCRIPTION’, an exhibition with work by Francesca Schwartz a New York based artist and psychoanalyst. Schwartz’s work rests on her fascination with the contents and materials that make up the body. Originally working in bone, her work has expanded to include paint, wax, metal, found objects and textiles, finding expression in collage and assembled works. Her art making addresses many of the same questions confronted in her practice, finding meaning through the articulation of the unconscious and the necessary, preoccupation with the body, its disappearance, life’s beginnings and death.

This exhibition aims to evoke a visual atmosphere that may be described as celestial, ethereal, spiritual or ephemeral – Like memory itself the work teeters on the fulcrum of existence and pure disintegration.

Francesca Schwartz is drawn to elements of bone, dye, chiffon, paper, wood and found objects - to some of them for their precision, to others because of their elusiveness. Once in hand, alchemy takes over and what happens is unexpected - she proceeds until the unconscious emerges. By altering and reassembling the image, she encounters the space between longing and loss, memory and erasure, permanence and dissipation.