Intended Target

Saturday, Dec 1, 2018 6 – 10 pm

1741 W. Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

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We are thrilled to announce our last show of 2018 features none other than the bad boys behind the silk screen...The FATHERLESS Print Posse. Our dedicated collectors may remember nearly three years ago when Fatherless debuted, "Keep Left", their first solo show at Chicago Truborn. In the time between then and now, we've sold dozens and dozens of their famous "Original Screenprints" to the point that bringing them back for an epic 2018 resurgence was simply a no brainer. Intellectually Stimulating Pop Art that can be taken at face value or delved into deeper than <insert political conspiracy of your choosing> .

As always, there will be a range of different sizes and prices to make sure we're meeting the needs of all our collectors. A Fabulous time to do some Holiday Shopping for your friends, family, coworkers or maybe you'll even treat yourself.

Complimentary Adult beverages for this 21 + 

All Shows are free and open to the public.

About the Artists:

Fatherless is a collaborative print posse. Their works are the result of 5 individual artists, from the USA and UK, working cohesively with each other’s artwork. Described as a visual mix-tape of shenagination, they combine their cultural influences in ways that finished works are not only unique to our collaboration, but unique among the editions of hand-screened prints as well; we make certain no two prints are ever the same. Influences are many and certainly captured by what they've coined as a “Rust Belt Power Pop” aesthetic. The finished pieces aim to mirror the chaotic and detached sense that is communicated in our current consumer driven social climate. A good portion of Fatherless imagery is re-contextualized from our current throw away culture to create a finished piece.