Jacqueline Moses: Southern Towns USA

Opening: Sunday, Aug 6, 2023 1 – 4 pm
Saturday, Jul 29 – Sep 10, 2023

1717 Central St.
Evanston, IL 60201

Jacqueline Moses employed road trip research for her new series Southern Towns USA, and uses photography and painting to explore the environs, history and energy that makes southern towns a home, of leaves a home behind in history. Murals found in the towns are effectively collaged into the oil paintings using photo transfer to express her interpretation of the current state of each location.

For example, in the painting “Nashville TN”, the poignantly contemporary “I am a Man” mural highlights previous and current race conflicts in smoothly rendered high-rises alongside comfortable middle-class homes. “Cairo III” depicts the formerly prosperous port town at the southern end of the state, now nearly a ghost town experienced in haunting decay.

Moses depicts her interpretation of southern towns devoid of actual humans but resounding in humanity – apparent through its environment and artifacts. Please enjoy this preview of her work.

– Margaret Lanterman



For many years I have been traveling visiting cities, parks and villages throughout the United States, Europe and South America. I started noticing the sharp increase in street art. I became more aware of differences in style and content that was mirroring the area in which they were created. I began to question if the art is reflecting the neighborhood or if the neighborhood is reflecting the art or if are they are interactive developing scenes that are reflective of both. I looked back at photo images taken of art works in public places I viewed in Finland, Denmark, Spain, Portugal and the Islands. I was struck by the strong colors and blending of nature and man made constructions.

Now I have started taking more notice of the many colorful works I see on structures around this area; Chicago and suburbs. I decided to visit Southern towns in the USA documenting the local street art in different cities. I was surprised to discover that many did not allow public art.

I started my trip south from Chicago toward the Mississippi Delta region. I went through many towns, though I was unable to visit some because of flooding. I took street art images when available and made documenting their present existence in 2020 my goal. Uppermost in my mind was their adaptability to our current environmental problems. increased racial unrest and technological developments.

The imagery presented in my paintings is reflective of our times as is the technique used. All paintings in this series are a combination of photographic transfers and oil on canvas. All images are derived from my photography and are juxtaposed to create the desired image.