Jeffrey Michael Austin: Unnecessary Things

Opening: Saturday, Mar 14, 2020 6 – 8 pm
Saturday, Mar 14 – Aug 21, 2020

8 S. Michigan Ave.
Ste. 620
Chicago, IL 60603

Bert Green Fine Art is pleased to present our fourth solo show by Chicago-based painter and neon artist Morgan Sims, and our second solo show by Jeffrey Michael Austin, now based in Austin TX.

Jeffrey Michael Austin has an abiding fascination with the phenomenon of reflection. Whether a puddle, a mirror, or a glistening, slick, viscous surface, he works with materials that imitate and amplify reflective qualities. Simulacra of ordinary objects employ illusory effects to mediate and obscure reflectivity and invite interactivity with a large dose of caution and social critique, as climate change looms large in his messaging. This show runs concurrently with the show "Everything Must Go" at the Chicago Art Department, opening on April 10, which uses that space for communal conversation, educational programming and skill-sharing.


Image: Jeffrey Michael Austin, Please Return (No More), 2020