Jessi Reaves: All possessive lusts dispelled

Opening: Thursday, Feb 16, 2023 6 – 8 pm
Thursday, Feb 16 – May 20, 2023

201 E. Ontario
Chicago, IL 60611

Jessi Reaves: All possessive lusts dispelled

“I don’t want someone to have to tell you to sit, because it’s more about the encounter with the thing – wondering if you can sit. There’s a certain person who’s willing to test that boundary."- Jessi Reaves

Jessi Reaves combines iconic modernist design with an irreverent aesthetic in sculpture that toys with functionality. Reaves often begins with found furniture, which she dismantles, converts, remakes, enhances, pads, and embellishes in ways that still allow the suggestion of physical contact or use. By breaking things open, she proposes that they be examined visually and in terms of their purpose in life. The exhibition at The Arts Club of Chicago centers on the work Personal Heat, 2021, a deconstructed étagère with accompanying video that explores themes of renovation and rebellion.

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Photo: A sample of the truth, 2022
Image courtesy of the artist and Bridget Donahue, NYC. Photographer credit: Gregory Carideo