Julia Katz: Backyard and Beyond

Opening: Friday, Jan 19, 2024 5 – 8 pm
Friday, Jan 19 – Feb 24, 2024

704 N. Wells
Chicago, IL 60654

There is always an emotionally engaging element to Julia's work that involves the exploration of landscapes that are at once mysterious and familiar. Viewers are invited to accompany the figures, whether human or animal, into abstract, ambiguous, patterned spaces. Charting a course through these environments means engaging with mystery, memory, and the act of discovery.

From the artist statement: 

"Metaphorically, my backyard is a place of memory and imagination. Beyond my backyard, is the rest of the world. The same sunlight falls in my backyard as it does everywhere else. Nature goes on around us whether we notice it or not.

People, animals, and trees inhabit the ambiguous spaces of these paintings. I combine disparate elements in an effort to spark something that suits me intuitively and has an emotional impact. The imagery comes from my own experience. Patterns are ubiquitous within nature, as are unique organic forms. I bring that awareness to my process of integrating representational figures in abstract surroundings." - Julia Katz

Join us Friday, January 19th from 5 to 8pm in the River North Gallery District for the River North Winter Gallery Night. Tour the art galleries on a self-guided walk while meeting artists, curators, and gallery staff. Finish with cocktails and al fresco dining at River North's modern Greek restaurant Avli (https://avli.us/) and other restaurants in the neighborhood.

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Image: Julia Katz Retriever, oil on panel, 30x30