Let Me Be an Object that Screams

Friday, Sep 8 – Oct 21, 2017 4 – 5 pm

400 S. Peoria
Chicago, IL 60607

Curated by Matt Morris, Let Me Be an Object that Screams brings together a range of works by contemporary artists in order to test psychoanalytic concepts of ‘subject-hood’ and the ways a subject’s counterpart, the ‘object,’ has been interpellated by artistic and exhibition practices. The exhibition proposes subversions to how political and psychic power have been traditionally and consistently distributed in accordance to who is perceived to operate with agency and thought, in contrast to the disinvestment of groups and communities read as “other.” Through sculpture, installation, photography, and video, alternative accounts of history and artists’ own lived experiences shift emphasis off of the typical subject, while elsewhere projects reject the bankrupt promise of subject-hood in favor of stranger possibilities of an object that misbehaves—or “screams,” as the exhibition title describes.