Like Sirens

Friday, May 3 – Jun 21, 2019

2010 W. Carroll Ave
Chicago, IL 60612

Location: OPEN Gallery, 1963 Johns Drive, Glenview 

Like Sirens brings together a wide range of works all sharing the sound blue. Within this exhibition there are drawings of the future, paintings all zipped up, scattered thoughts, splattered thoughts, the feeling of floating, even actual floating, and endearing renderings of what means most. All works pose vastly different questions, but our blue veins tie it all together sharing the vast color that surrounds, both in lake and sky. Sirens are both sounds that radiate to warn us and mythological creatures that lull us into danger. I recently had an urge to start caring for the planet in ways that I never have before. The dangers we’ve created within our environment are becoming more visible and we can’t continue to be oblivious. We’ve grown too unconscious to too many things and it’s time to take responsibility for the damage done and recognize the repair that’s needed. I think the lake is calling for help, awaiting cleaner waters and those sunny days.

Exhibiting Artist:

Kristin Abhalter Smith, Chris Austin, Renata Berdes, Billy Borgerd, Raina Carter, Jessica Dilay, Andrew Falkowski, Danny Frownfelter, Phil Gazzolo, Ted Hamel, Anne Hayden Stevens, Nikole Heusman, David Jonaitis, Hector Jones, Hyun Jung Jun, Saemee Kim, Mie Kongo, Becky Kubica, Rachel Niffenegger, Jack O’Sullivan, Ed Rawski, Brian Reed, Jeff Robinson, David Sprecher, Susie, David Thompson, Oly Trindl, Cody Tumblin, Rebecca Turner, Chris Viau, Yordan Yanev, Marissa Chris Zain

Curated by Erin Hayden