Liz Martino | BLAMM-O: moments of seeing more

Opening: Friday, Mar 29, 2024 7 – 10 pm
Friday, Mar 29 – May 25, 2024

2019 N. Damen
Chicago, IL 60647

These paintings are influenced by photos I took near Lake Michigan and during two recent extended trips to Kansas, where I went on many long solo walks. When walking outside during this time, I would see objects in what I came to call Blamm-o vision, when details seemed remarkably sharp, or the shape or contrast of an object appeared to be in extreme 3D relief in relation to its background. These moments in time were so unbelievable and sensational, like a convergence of powerful natural forces that you can’t resist. I had to stop in my tracks and record them. It doesn’t always happen. The light, the time of year, and my receptiveness have to be just right, but when everything lines up, it is magical. I wanted to capture those feelings in these pieces.

Artist Bio I started painting in 2005 on a whim. I had no art training, books, or art history classes, but I was inspired by the highly creative people surrounding me and held creative jobs. By 2010, I’d shown and sold many works in small Chicago galleries, such as Morpho, Sacred Art, Black Walnut, Unicorn Cafe, and others from that time.

Many of my shows were at the FlatIron Building for First Fridays and smARTshows (similar to Around the Coyote from the past). Participating in these shows was a super-fun and a highly productive period in my painting career.

As I navigate the art world, I stay true to my own process. I explore different techniques and change my styles, which keeps me interested. Abstraction is a pure sense of discovery. I paint in my language, and it is not something I think out too much; I just let it happen how it happens.


A short note about Inspiration Corporation from Liz Martino
I’ve consistently donated my art to the Inspiration Corporation (an organization that empowers people without housing in Chicago). I was introduced to Inspiration Corporation through one of my art patrons in 2007, who suggested that I support them with art donations. I have felt absolute joy being chosen each year by the judges for the art auction for this many years and helping the cause with the proceeds. In 2023, I received Best in Show at their annual gala, “One Inspired Evening,” and was awarded this lovely solo show at Firecat Projects in 2024.