Local Neon

Opening: Friday, Apr 12, 2024 12 – 12 pm
Friday, Apr 12 – May 31, 2024

2041 W. Carroll Ave., Suite C-320, Chicago, IL 60612

Local Neon brings together artists practicing the art of glass-bending in Chicago. The artists who work with noble gases trapped in tubes and brought to life with a flicker of electricity may have been inspired by some of Chicago’s spectacular commercial works; Magikist, Z Frank and Holiday Inn’s signs were urban landmarks, spectacular in scale and irresistible to the eye. The works in the show share the same magical qualities, the color and light at once hyper modern and nostalgic.

Local Neon is the sixth in a series of exhibitions celebrating neon starting with On Neon in 2020 and continuing with the Neon and Light Museum, Small Neon. Love Neon and Love Neon, Too.

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For a full list or artworks exhibited, click here.

Artists | John Bannon, Jacob Fishman, Lindsey Liss, Gregory Mowery, Zoelle Nagib, Carolina Pereira, Kalan Strauss, Michael Young