Luftwerk: afterglow

Saturday, Feb 24 – Apr 7, 2018 8 – 9 pm

1709 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

Volume Gallery is pleased to announce its first solo exhibition, afterglow, with Luftwerk, opening Saturday, February 24th from 5-8 PM at 1709 W Chicago Ave, Chicago IL, 60622.

Exploring the interplay of light and color, afterglow, presents concepts that have evolved over a decade of research, experimentation, and installations by Luftwerk. Through a large-scale immersive wall installation and a series contained light boxes, this exhibition reveals Luftwerk’s interest in the effects of a gradient of light, from brightness to darkness and the shifting perception of colors in different light conditions. 

Experimenting with light conditions—from day to night, light to dark—the color-coded wallpaper is activated through shifting color interactions and perceptions. These principles of light and color interactions are contained through a series of corresponding lightboxes. Each featuring a different color, they explore how color lives between light and dark and how this interaction affects spatial sensibilities.
For the past decade, Luftwerk has developed a series of installations on iconic buildings. Through this experience developing immersive interventions, an interest in the relationship of light and color to spatial sensibilities has emerged. As light qualities shift, so does the perception of color. In this exhibition, these pieces distill their use and research of light and color as a primary medium in their work.