Madeleine Finley & Eleonore Zurawski

Opening: Friday, Dec 9, 2022 5 – 7 pm
Friday, Dec 9, 2022 – Jan 25, 2023

1541 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

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Ties Between is a duo exhibition of the monolithic, emotional, formal abstract works of Madeleine Finley & Eleonore Zurawski. 

Examining the limitations of media, Ties Between confronts painting as a process for processing. Through our lives we gradually abstract our experience only to encounter pareidolia1 in self-reflection. The difficult beauty of painting is the threat of denouement. The pressure of decision enforces some finality upon those otherwise aggressively fluid things: memory; emotion; connotation. It is leveling an area of ground whereupon much dancing has occurred. It is though, in these capturing moments—however grotesque—that we find a truth seldom expressed by any other language. In those quiet moments of clarity, the abstraction subsides to understanding and we explore ourselves at our most vulnerable. Find what remains captured in both the paved and unpaved path, and see what you may learn by walking down it once more.

Ties Between is the final show at 2000 N Milwaukee Ave. 

Povos is moving to 1541 W Chicago Ave in the new year.


Madeleine Finley (b. 1991) received her BFA and MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has lived and worked in Washington D.C, Rome, Italy, and Chicago Illinois. Her work has been shown in Rome, Chicago, Washington D.C, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. She is currently a teaching instructor for After School Matters in Chicago.

Eleonore Zurawski studied under Pat Lipsky at the Arts Students League New York in 2020 -2021. She currently resides in Chicago, IL. Humoring a Midwestern sensibility, themes of nature and symmetry permeate her large works, resembling simultaneously landscapes and reflections. Taking inspiration from natural processes, the work is made intuitively, with careful considerations of color and form.


Image credit: Ties Between show installed at Povos Chicago