Marci Rubin: Majora & Minora

Opening: Friday, May 31, 2024 6 – 9 pm
Friday, May 31 – Jul 12, 2024

201 S. Ashland
Chicago, IL 60607

Sacristy Gallery: Through her sculpture and installations, Marci Rubin investigates a state of transformation, both literally and metaphorically through process and materials, resulting in work that possesses visceral, tactile, and sensual qualities inherently associated with the human body. Reclaiming, abstracting, and manipulating discarded or donated clothing, Rubin questions and addresses the human body: structures & systems; proportions & scales; interiors & exteriors; and textures & colors. Her use of upcycled clothing examines expectations associated with the function of the materials while revealing an alternate understanding of the objects through their transformation. More specifically, Rubin’s process explores the orientations and identities of being a human body. Creating work elicited from the structures that compose the circulatory, digestive, endocrine, immune, integumentary, muscular, nervous, renal, reproductive, respiratory, and skeletal systems evoke questions regarding our humanity and mortality. The finished pieces unveil a dialogue that often generates debate about human rights and privileges, while touching on the status quo and deviation regarding personal bodily decisions. For more information, go to:

Photo credit: Marci Rubin