Margaret Welsh: Suspension of Disbelief

Opening: Friday, May 3, 2024 6 – 8 pm
Friday, May 3 – Jun 8, 2024

864 N. Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

ENGAGE Projects is pleased to announce our upcoming solo exhibition Suspension of Disbelief, in which feminist abstractionist Margaret Welsh gives occasion to the anti-heroic narrative, infusing domestic magic into her paintings made of castaway paper and house paint. Vertical compositions will be draped on the walls of the gallery in soft palettes of pinks, beiges, and browns. Growing out of her earlier “Trophy Woman” paintings that utilized the same materials but presented the tonally painted tarps folded and tightly bound to panels with twine, Suspension of Disbelief seems to unwrap the parceled compositions in favor of a grander scope of large-scale abstractions akin to the body in size, gesture, and color. Welsh’s paintings approach the viewer by saying, ‘let’s imagine, just for a moment.’ creating a space where, however fleetingly, anything is possible.

Image: Margaret Welsh documented in her studio