Mari Eastman

Monday, Nov 1 – 30, 2021

319 N. Albany
Chicago, Il 60612

Drawing from sources ranging from fashion magazines, Asian decorative arts, vintage fabric patterns and her own wistful memories of the past, Mari Eastman makes paintings that, whether imposingly large or scaled to the size of a magazine page, have an off-hand intimacy that is more typically associated with drawing. Regardless of size, Eastman’s images call attention to the complex allure of surface beauty, especially as it is expressed in fashion, which has the power to transform our bodies into walking works of art that speak to who we are (or, in the case of vintage fashion, who we once were), how we see ourselves, and who we long to be. Eastman’s fascination with fashion lies not only in an interest in trends or the trappings of wealth, but also in fashion’s timeless ability to function as a repository of historical, cultural and social memory–and of course, as a rich source of inspiration for painting.