Melanie Parke & Richard Kooyman: New Paintings

Opening: Friday, Aug 23, 2019 5 – 7 pm
Friday, Aug 23 – Oct 31, 2019

309 Park Ave.
Glencoe, IL 60022

Anne Loucks Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of an exhibition of new paintings by artists Melanie Parke and Richard Kooyman. The public is invited to the opening reception with the artists on August 23rd from 5 – 7 pm at the Gallery, 309 Park Avenue in Glencoe, Illinois. 

Both Parke and Kooyman are highly accomplished artists who capture the vistas and settings in and around their northern Michigan studios in styles both distinct and enduring. Melanie Parke combines lush, textured surfaces with brilliant color in her still life, interior, and abstract compositions. Her work represents an ongoing study of the balance between abstraction and realism, reference and memory, spontaneity and control. While her subject is varied, each composition includes her intuitive sense of space, mark making, color, and light. 

Richard Kooyman’s paintings reflect the changing light and seasons of the landscape and shoreline. He captures tree lines, foliage, dunes, and sunlit water with color and light that is both expressive and profound. With smooth, gestural brushwork, Kooyman conveys a landscape’s distinguishing features with sculptural forms and patterns, offering the viewer a sense of expansiveness and tranquility.


Image: Melanie Parke, Amethyst Pine