In Memory Of: New Works by Mike Egan

Opening: Friday, Dec 17, 2021 7 – 10 pm
Friday, Dec 17, 2021 – Jan 21, 2022

2019 N. Damen
Chicago, IL 60647


"For my latest show “In Memory Of” I wanted to continue exploring classic themes from my past and the thoughts of getting older. As I continue to age I'm constantly battling the idea of religion and how it shows up in my art and in my life. I also continue to explore themes of death and how as I get older what that means to me. There are also elements of relationships in these works. As I continue on with life people can slowly go away, people die, friendships and relationships end, etc. I like to think that my paintings are a bit of a photograph or diary entry that I can look back at well of course get older." Mike Egan


  1. “Death As A Cat” 30X30” $2200.00
  2. “Crying Out For Help” 30”X30” $2200.00
  3. “Red Death Holding Blue Skull” 20”X20” $1000.00
  4. “Let's Be Dead Together” 20”X20” $1000.00
  5. “The Holy Tiger” 20”X20” $1000.00
  6. “The Golden Bear With Crosses” 18”X18” $900.00
  7. “They Found A Golden Skull” 18”X18” $900.00
  8. “In Memory Of” 20”X16” $900.00
  9. “Saying Prayers In My Bear Mask” 14”X14” $800
  10. 10.“The Holy Blues” 14”X14” $800.00
  11. 11.“Crying Under The Red Cross” 12”X12” $650.00
  12. 12.“She Felt Lost” 12”X12” $650.00
  13. 13.“Trying To Find God” 12”X12” $650.00
  14. 14.“Crying Out My Prayers” 12”X12” $650.00
  15. 15.“The Devil Offers A Skull” 10”X10” $450.00
  16. 16.“Death Offers A Skull” 10”X10” $450.00
  17. 17.“Sad Songs Make Me Cry” 10”X10” $450.00