Moments In Between: Tran Tran

Monday, Oct 11 – Nov 27, 2021

5020 S. Cornell
Chicago, IL 60615

Moments In Between presents new work by interdisciplinary artist Tran Tran made during their year-long Ceramics Apprenticeship at the Art Center in 2020. The body of work in the exhibition exemplifies Tran’s unique approach to ceramics which both informs and is informed by the artist’s ongoing explorations of form across media. Distinct organic forms appear repeatedly in several works in the exhibition, sometimes as artificial-intelligence generated images, drawings, and sculptures. The artist sees the process of iterating as an essential component of their practice that allows them to investigate how forms evolve through repetition. Through the body of work exhibited, Tran invites us to consider, “How do we differentiate what is singular from what is part of a whole? Does the essence of a moment, a place, an object, or a person lie in their physical or spiritual quality, a combination of both, or beyond them entirely?”

The Ceramics Apprenticeship Program at the Hyde Park Art Center provides a unique opportunity for ceramic artists to work in a community-based arts center during the course of a year. The Ceramics Apprentice receives training by the Ceramics Department Head and the Assistant Head of Ceramics in advanced studio skills while developing their work in a supportive environment.

The exhibition is curated by Mariela Acuña, Exhibitions and Residency Coordinator, in collaboration with Tran Tran.

Image Above: Tran Tran, Detail Of Mud Swirl, 2021, Mixed Stoneware And Glaze, 11 ½ X 10 ¼ X 1 Inches. Image Below: Tran Tran, Sun, Window, And Mud, 2021, Archival Prints, Glaze, And Mixed Stoneware, Window, Light, Dimensions Variable.