Neon Dreams Benefit Auction

Friday, May 5, 2023

2010 W. Carroll Ave
Chicago, IL 60612

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Join us for a neon-themed celebration in support of Arts of Life’s artists.

Event highlights include:

A tribute to community leader and artist Jason Pickleman

A curated art auction featuring work by renowned artists from Arts of Life and around the world

An electric dance party with music by Blesstonio

A brilliant light performance by Craig Gronowski

Event photography by Colectivo Multipolar

A Curated Food Menu, Bar and more!!

Whether you participate virtually or in person, Neon Dreams is your chance to expand your art collection while investing in 70 talented artists.



Omar Abulsheikh — Ariee Carter — Taylor Augustine — Renata Berdes — Guy Conners — Amanda Gantner —Ted Gram-Boarini — Steve Harhaj — Nikole Heusman — Paula Kamps — Alysha Kostelny — Lawrence M. — Noel Mercado — Yae Jee Min —  Noël Morical — Jason Pickleman — Saemee — Marcelo Eli Sarmiento — Mariam Pare — Sue Pasowicz — Carol Pyes — Brian Reed — Kate Sable – Peter Shear — Andrew Sloan — Edra Soto — Tim Stone — Jennifer Sullivan — Kevin Umana — Lucy Walsh — Sara Wenokur — Jean Wilson — Sandro Miller — Kate Kimmel — Ben Sanders