No Color: Group Exhibition

Opening: Friday, Mar 1, 2024 6 – 10 pm
Friday, Mar 1 – Apr 7, 2024

1389 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

The Jackson Junge Gallery proudly presents NO COLOR, their first group exhibition of the year. An exhibition that will explore the endless creativity that art can still present with little to no color, black and white are naturally opposites. White is the presence of all colors on the light spectrum and is frequently a symbol for pure light. While Black is created through the combination of all colors in art, and many times represents darkness. NO COLOR gives artists the chance to show what can be created when black and white come together.

Image: Bryn Gleason, 2023, Acrylic & Water on Birchwood, 30" x 24" x 1 ¾"