Opening: Saturday, Oct 5, 2019 4 – 7 pm
Thursday, Oct 3 – 13, 2019

816 Dempster St
Evanston, IL 60202

Feldman's practice is based on creating color from organic materials. In this exhibition, the focus is the color green. She creates multiple shades of green using yellow plant dyes combined with indigo, or by using green leaves that yield colors ranging from earth tones to robin’s egg blue. Reading, research, and experimentation in the dye laboratory all play a part in creating colors from nature.

Solomon's ceramic work explores visual texture as a translatable means of expression. For this exhibition, she studies coral fossils, the exoskeletons of living organisms that have completed their life cycles and left their intricate inorganic structures behind. She also creates clay vessels that mimic tree bark and their slow degeneration in nature.


Image: Pamela Feldman, Green (detail)