Paint, Posture, Power

Opening: Saturday, Mar 6, 2021 12 – 4 pm
Saturday, Mar 6 – Apr 2, 2021

4839 N. Damen Ave., Chicago, IL 60625

David Pazdernik, Nancy Pirri, Shirley Nannini & Candace Wark

Paint, Posture, Power is a 4-person exhibition featuring abstract, circular paintings by David Pazdernik, figural ceramics depicting the feminine form by Nancy Pirri, and abstract photography capturing the ethereal quality of light and wind by Shirley Nannini and Candace Wark of Wind Flow Photography.

David Pazdernik paints circles. They represent a world that has no beginning and no end. They describe the meaning of forever and a possession of deep secrets from the past and the unexplained key to the future.

Nancy Pirri's work is about woman’s struggle to find emotional balance, which she depicts by using texture, expression, attitude and gesture in her chosen medium of clay.

Shirley Nannini and Candace Wark of Wind Flow Photography explore interactions of wind and light by using an innovative approach to capture the essence of wind movement and convey its transient nature.