Patricia Rieger / Xavier Toubes: Cold Songs, Bichos

Opening: Friday, Jan 28, 2022 4 – 7 pm
Friday, Jan 28 – Mar 5, 2022

325 W. Huron
Chicago, IL 60654

Opening reception(s): Friday, January 28th - 4pm to 7pm / Saturday, January 29th - 1pm to 4pm



"This compact exhibition is a study in contrasts: Rieger and Toubes are a married couple with a thorough knowledge of one another’s creative process, but each makes an object-world precisely unlike the other’s: Rieger’s introverted figures, with their deceptively muted glazes and minimal gestures, entice the patient viewer. Toubes’ exuberant gestural objects, all at once vessel-like and figure-like, torque every-which-way and flash into our field of vision with a cascading profusion of colors. Rieger’s glowing figures stand (or sit) alone, even when they belong to a group, such as the silvery Little People in the Found. Conversation With a Bird series. Toubes’ objects—even those in the vase-like Abandon series—positively resist their own separateness, with indeterminate or sliding boundaries between the materials and the maker, between solid and liquid elements, between accident and premeditation: if you see Abandon 34 from one side, you may not recognize it when you approach it from another, even though it will be unmistakably different from Abandon 16 or Abandon 14."

​- Excerpt from Patricia Rieger and Xavier Toubes: Cold Songs and Bichos by Mary Pardo, Associate Professor Emerita, Department of Art and Art History—University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


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Xavier Toubes


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