Perceptions of Flow “Movement”

Saturday, Mar 30 – Apr 28, 2024

1717 Central St.
Evanston, IL 60201

Perceptions of Flow: “Movement” is one component of a two-part exhibition that examines how an artist physically interacts with the conceptualization process of a creative idea. In Perceptions of Flow: “Movement,” artists from Arts of Life are photographed in black and white, expressing their individualities through gesture and pose. The exhibition is dedicated to Olivia Terry who has worked in the Chicagoland area for over 20 years assisting youth and senior communities, those with impairments or conditions, and everyone in between through various service organizations like AmeriCorps. We thank Olivia for her steadfast commitment to community service and for living out her mission, helping others feel connected to each other despite circumstance or ability.

“Photography and people have always been my main focuses. In this fast-paced world, we pass each other by and never think twice or take a second look. I find that the eyes are the pathways to the soul, so I intentionally choose to shoot portraits with black/white film as a way of slowing down and telling that story.

In my opinion, social documentation is a crucial and most-needed detail in our world. It provides viewers with a visual or eye into the world they live in and the people around them. Without it, we are only left with spoken and written words. These two forms of communication alone cannot provide us with the knowledge we need. The ability to capture a moment in a single image can be life-changing and everlasting.” – Genesis Falls

Perceptions of Flow “Movement” will be exhibited in the Lobby Gallery of the Art Center. The opening reception is free and open to the public. This exhibition is partially funded by the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency, and the EAC’s general membership.

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