Perfect Life

Opening: Friday, May 3, 2019 6 – 9 pm
Friday, May 3 – Jun 30, 2019

300 W. Superior
2nd Fl.
Chicago, IL 60654

Arina Dähnick lives and works in Berlin. She grew up in a creative family and was taught early on about fine art and photography. Her first professional photo exhibition was at school at the age of 17. In 1986, she made the decision not to live off of her art, but it was just a break. In 2014, she presented her portfolio on the LEICA blog, has presented eight exhibitions and been published in several news papers, magazines and on many online sites.

Taking A Different View

My photography wants to invite people to rediscover reality with special awarness. I am truely fascinated with modern, with urban life. What is the actual meaning of “modern times”? The Project “Perfect Life” follows this question. As for me we are challenged by so many informations presented at the same time, without structure. And we are confronted with the artificial idea of being human. I seek out equipped with only one or two rangefinder cameras. With respect to the digital negatives that my cameras delivers, I do what I have been doing ever since I started my photographic career in the 1980s- developing without any kind of manipulation. The final image shows the subject exactly how I captured it in “my reality.”