Performance by Yaryna Shumska Ukrainian Art Bridge

Tuesday, Sep 26, 2023 5:30 – 7:30 pm

114 W. Kinzie
Chicago, IL 60654

“Celebrate an extraordinary evening with the globally renowned artist, Yaryna Shumska, as she graces the JDM Foundation gallery with a captivating performance. From Ukraine, Yaryna Shumska's performances have been showcased and featured across Europe and Canada. This Tuesday night marks her eagerly anticipated debut performance in the US!” 

How long can I stand on one leg?
What does it mean "one leg"?
What are we thinking about or imagining when we hear this phrase? 
Is it about sides and directions, the right or the left? 
Do we visualize a body with one leg or without the leg?
Is it possible to accept this absence or separation?
How often do we deal with that?
You do not need to be in a country where there is a war 
to have a feeling of being on one leg, 
of standing on one leg 
looking for the moment to catch the equilibrium.
I'm not talking just about a physical body. 
There is a lot about respect and something new for us today, 
which is not new for humanity, 
just new for contemporary us, people.
We have to learn how to create support, 
how to keep the balance today,
how it could approach a bit grounded tomorrow.