Peter Batchelder and Leya Evelyn: Color Space

Opening: Friday, Mar 4, 2022 5 – 7 pm
Friday, Mar 4 – Apr 10, 2022

215 N. Broadway, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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New England-based artist Peter Batchelder and Canada-based artist Leya Evelyn explore themes of history, context, and narrative through their color-focused paintings. “Color Space” juxtaposes the iconic New England landscapes of Peter Batchelder with the gestural abstractions of Leya Evelyn.

Fascinated by architecture and archaeology, Batchelder intends to translate the context of time-worn structures within his paintings, asking questions such as “who built this?” and “who lived here?” Alternatively, Evelyn allows her paintings to become structures themselves, self-referentially recounting the history of their own making. Through their use of color, both Batchelder and Evelyn shift focus away from the built environment towards an emotive one.

We invite you to join us for the opening reception and virtual artist talk.