Photo 17: Alternative Perspectives

Friday, Dec 1, 2017 – Jan 23, 2018 7 – 8 pm

309 Park Ave.
Glencoe, IL 60022

David Burdeny - Joshua Jensen Nagle - Maggie Meiners at Anne Loucks Gallery

Anne Loucks Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of “Photo 17: Alterative Perspectives”, a group exhibition featuring the work of gallery artists: David Burdeny, Joshua Jensen Nagle, and Maggie Meiners. The show will open December 1st and run through January 24th and will include 35 recent works by the three artists.

Photography is an important part of the gallery’s collection of contemporary art. Each of the artists in this show has developed a unique process to represent the creative breadth, depth, and subliminal interest of this medium with a perspective that is fresh and engaging.

Joshua Jensen-Nagle is well known for his captivating and evocative large scale photographs. In his work, beaches, mountains, European landmarks, and grand interiors become a distant memory, as he transforms his images into a dream state for the viewer. He explores various effects, compositions and techniques to create an atmosphere of illusion, nostalgia and imagination, while still capturing a sense of place and time.

David Burdeny focuses on structure, balance, space and detail which he translates into his observations of mystery and potential in our modern world. He explores both opulent and austere interiors, as well as expansive, meditative landscapes and vistas, always using the sensuality of color to its full effect. Whether focused on ordinary spaces, iconic settings, or the natural world, his photographs border a line between the abstract and real, the physical and the atmospheric, the actual and the idealized.

Maggie Meiners is passionate about the processes of image making and picture taking, as well as the simple act of finding subject by looking with open eyes. In her new series, Conscious States, she infuses black and white landscapes with abstract floating circles, representing the mind’s flow from one state of consciousness to the next. As in all of Maggie’s work, there is an intriguing openness that allows the viewer to experience the images with their own interpretations.


Photo Credit: Joshua Jensen-Nagle, More Mountains, More You, 41 x 43 in.