MCA Prime Time: Question Everything

Saturday, Jun 29, 2019 7 – 11 pm

220 E. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611

This event is 18+. 

Prime Time tickets include a timed entry to the exhibition Virgil Abloh: "Figures of Speech." Times are reserved upon purchase of ticket.

Influenced by Virgil Abloh’s “question everything” ethos, this after hours museum takeover features performing artists, local designers, and live music, DJ sets, and more.

Experience fashion shows with pop-up shopping, opportunities to perform alongside Chicago dance and skate crews, and an incredible soundscape. Dance your way through the museum and enjoy an exclusive viewing of the exhibition Virgil Abloh: "Figures of Speech,” delightful snacks, and compelling cocktails.

About the Artists:


Once upon a time, in a galaxy not far away, there lived two kings. Each was the ruler of his own deliciously glorious planet. The first king, Manchildblack, was well known throughout the cosmos for his ethereal vocals, celestial sonics and earthy musical messages. The other king, Monstah Black, was a star in the solar system known for his gravity defying performances, gender bending fashions, and spacey disposition.

One magical night, an inexplicable ultra magnetic pull forced the two planets to collide. A technicolored explosion occurred, turning night into day, with a feast of aural and visual delights. It was then that the universe was changed forever. Manchildblack and Monstah Black united and became The Illustrious Blacks.

Inspired by artists like Prince, David Bowie, Grace Jones, Boy George, and George Clinton, The Illustrious Blacks have arrived with a mission to fuse futuristic funk, hypnotic house and cosmic pop into pulsating positivity for the planet. The real life married couple are not only copilots on their artistic voyage, but are united in their fantastical journey through life.


DJ and curator Duane Powell entered into the world of street promotions in 1985, pounding the pavement and promoting events for prominent DJs within Chicago's burgeoning house music scene. By 1990, Powell led street promotions and served as marketing manager and consultant for many clubs and DJs, including the historic Powerhouse. As a promoter, he launched the Soundrotation brand in 1999, further cultivating the underground soul scene in Chicago.

As a DJ, he has spun at and has held residencies at many of Chicago's most popular music venues and hot spots including the House Of Blues, Virgin Hotels Chicago, Ace Hotel Chicago, Boleo at Kimpton Gray Hotel, The Promontory, Stony Island Arts Bank, and Reggie's Chicago.

The Illustrious Blacks. Photo: Gregory Kramer.


DJ Duane Powell. Photo: Christopher Andrew of Stoptime Live.


Performances: The Illustrious Blacks, Duane Powell, Glide8orz Skate Crew, Brendan Fernandes, Tatiana Hazel, South Shore Drill Team

DJ Sets: The Illustrious Blacks, Duane Powell

Fashion Show with Pop-Up Shops: Sheila Rashid, Brandon Breaux, Tatiana Hazel, Sir and Madame, TRAP HOUSE CHICAGO, Abigail Glaum Lathbury

Experiences: Roller skating rink, timed entry to Virgil Abloh: “Figures of Speech,” photobooth by GlitterGuts

Food and Drink: Dinner options by Marisol, two full bars