Protest Art Call for Participation

Sunday, Mar 13 – Jun 4, 2022

2320 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

In light of the current war in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art is announcing a call to voice one’s protest through various expressive mediums, such as painting, sculpture, printmaking, writing, poetry, material culture items and the like for display in UIMA’s East Gallery along with selections from their permanent collection. Beginning Sunday, March 13th, in-person submissions during UIMA’s Wednesday through Sunday 12 - 4 p.m. hours will be accepted. Paper and writing implements will also be available for walk-in and spontaneous involvement during open hours. This call is not limited to artists and creatives, and we encourage everyone who is interested and has something to say about the current state of the world to participate. Anything from sculpture to protest posters are welcome!

UIMA asks that any contributions to this special exhibition should be reflective of the current situation. Participants may not spread misinformation or implicate violence of any oppressed and marginalized groups. Artists who do not abide by these guidelines, will not be allowed to contribute. All submissions will be verified and installed by UIMA staff.

Food, adhesive strips, anything that punctures the floor, or any materials that will cause damage to the gallery are prohibited. UIMA cannot accept oversized works due to space limitations; submitted works must fit through a standard doorway. Otherwise, there are no size or material requirements.

In the event the gallery space reaches its capacity to display submitted works, UIMA will display submissions on a rotating and rolling basis as artists can submit works throughout the duration of this special exhibition.

UIMA reserves the right to post and print images of all contributions on its social media platforms, website, and other marketing efforts.

Upon submitting their work, contributors are required to fill out a contact form for proper accreditation. Those who choose to remain anonymous will still have to fill out a contact form. For questions about this exhibition, please email