Re-Opening Ceremony of the Taiwan Room

Opening: Thursday, Sep 14, 2023 5 – 8 pm
Thursday, Sep 14, 2023

1524 N. Lake Shore Dr.
Chicago, IL 60610

The International College of Surgeons Taiwan Section (ICSTW) successfully applied for the establishment of the Taiwan Room in 2012. In response to the trend of digitization in healthcare technology, the Taiwan Room underwent a hardware and software equipment upgrade. In addition to showcasing a wide range of remarkable achievements in Taiwanese surgical medicine, epidemic prevention, and international cooperation to keep up with the times, the upgraded room will provide visitors with a multi-dimensional understanding of Taiwan. Join us for a re-opening ceremony this Thursday.

5 - 5:30pm Welcome
5:30 - 6pm Re-opening Ceremony
6 - 7pm Tour of Taiwan Room
7 - 8pm Reception

The International Museum of Surgical Science, a Division of the International College of Surgeons (ICS) with members in over 100 countries of the World, is collaborating with the Taiwan Section, ROC of the International College of Surgeons, in re-opening the Taiwan Room in the International Museum of Surgical Science (IMSS). 

The IMSS was founded on the principle of offering general health-oriented educational information to all people on a global basis. The Museum, founded and opened in 1954, has 50,000 visitors annually, including students, school groups, and the public at large who have an interest in health care.

The country of Taiwan has a long, distinguished history in providing health care services to people in all parts of the World, including health missions providing services to poor and underserved populations. The Public Health Service in Taiwan has an outstanding record of being in the vanguard of creative, effective, innovative procedures provided not only to its own population but to populations around the globe.

It is, therefore, only natural that the IMSS and the ICS Taiwan Section collaborate in presenting an updated, exciting presentation for the benefit of the general public. This creative presentation involves audio-visual formats with programmatic content emphasizing new, state-of-the-art technology and health procedures in Taiwan.

The IMSS and the Taiwan Section of the ICS sincerely wish to share this re-opening celebration with all persons. Media contact may be accomplished by reaching Max Downham via and Anko Chang via


Event on Thursday, September 14th, 5pm - 8pm. Details on Eventbrite