Robert Hutchison: Draw Your Own Conclusions

Opening: Saturday, Feb 4, 2023 7 – 10 pm
Saturday, Feb 4 – Mar 18, 2023

2019 N. Damen
Chicago, IL 60647

Opening Reception | Saturday, February 4 2023 7-10 pm
Exhibition | February 4 - March 18, 2023

"My approach to creating works of visual art is informed by the work of the Surrealist artists who acknowledged the philosophy of Andre Breton (the author of the Surrealist Manifestoes) as a major influence on their endeavors. Breton’s characterization of Surrealism as “Psychic automatism in its pure state, by which one proposes to express verbally, by means of the written word, or in any other manner the actual functioning of thought.” One practice of the Surrealist painters – the radical juxtaposition of objects, has been particularly fascinating to me. This practice involves taking objects which one would not usually expect to see together and forcing them into the same context – that of the work of art. This can encourage a novel way of considering reality. I  am particularly influenced by the work of Rene Magritte. I am frequently asked by the viewers of my works of art “What does it mean?” This is seemingly a simple question; its complexity is revealed through careful consideration. In the realization of a work of visual, there are two parties – 1. The artist and 2. The viewer. Because the works of art in question are “visual and non-verbal” the entirety of the “meaning” is contained in the work of art itself. What the artist thinks is the “meaning” does not always correspond to the thoughts about “meaning“ in the mind of the viewer.

In my role as a teacher of college students, I would frequently describe the role of Surrealist and Abstract artists as “creating visual playgrounds and stocking them with really good playground equipment – thus allowing the viewer to develop their own understanding of meaning. My best advice in regard to consideration of my artworks is “DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS." Robert W. Hutchison 

Image: Leaves in Search of Color, acrylic paint and acrylic paint markers on canvas, 23.75" x 19.75", 2020