Rock, Paper, Scissors

Opening: Friday, Sep 15, 2023 5 – 9 pm
Friday, Sep 15 – Nov 3, 2023

3636 S. Iron
Chicago, IL 60609

Elizabeth Burke-Dain features a series of artworks made from ceramics, paper, and textiles in a solo debut. These works are presented in an immersive art installation setting that reflects the color, geometry, and architectural features found in her ceramic paintings. Designed to encourage participation from the owner, these artworks may be arranged in any configuration preferred, based on personal taste and available space.

Join us for the solo exhibit of Elizabeth Burke-Dain as she presents a series of captivating artworks created from ceramics, paper, and textiles. This immersive art installation is designed to transport you into a world of vibrant colors, intriguing geometry, and architectural elements inspired by her ceramic paintings.

Elizabeth Burke-Dain's unique approach allows for personal engagement and customization. You have the freedom to arrange these versatile artworks in any configuration that suits your personal taste and available space, making each display a truly unique expression of your individuality.

As an artist and media consultant, Elizabeth Burke-Dain has a proven track record of transforming and elevating some of Chicago's most renowned cultural brands, including the Poetry Foundation & POETRY magazine, the Art Institute of Chicago, Columbia College Chicago's School of Fine and Performing Arts, the Garfield Park Conservatory, and many more. 

We look forward to welcoming you to this extraordinary art experience with Elizabeth Burke-Dain. Secure your spot now and prepare to be inspired!


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