Robin Jebavy: Kaleidoscopic Tensions

Opening: Thursday, Apr 25, 2019 5:45 – 7:30 pm
Thursday, Apr 25 – Aug 9, 2019

205 Veterans Ave, West Bend, Wisconsin

Of all the adjectives that might describe Robin Jebavy's large paintings, dazzling is the perfect fit. Jebavy takes mundane, everyday glass vessels and plates, and renders them in an ethereal kaleidoscope of form, light, and color. Her inspiration is equally complex. On a formal level, her works pay homage to historic seventeenth-century Dutch still life painting as well as stained glass windows in cathedrals. Informally, these spectacularly immersive and intriguing compositions invoke a sense of wonder where everyday objects transcend to become something greater than the sum of their parts.


Image: Robin Jebavy, J.S. Bach's Organ, Acrylic on canvas, 2015