Slipping Away: Sandra Ullmann

Opening: Saturday, Jun 1, 2024 5 – 7 pm
Saturday, Jun 1 – 30, 2024

1310 Chicago Ave.
Evanston, IL 60201

Our June exhibition is in memory of emeritus member Sandra Ullmann

This June, Perspective Gallery is proud to present photographs from the last project of our late colleague, Sandra Ullman.  An artist and Doctor of Psychology, Sandra devoted her life to the inner workings of human complexity.  In “Slipping Away,” her final body of work, she has woven beauty into despair.

“Slipping Away” unfolds behind the scenes, no longer centered on the image or narration. Instead, Sandra fixates on what endures– picture hangers left on the walls where photos might have been or frames no longer holding images. Contemplating the meaning of images slipping from their pristine mats, she employs tape, the sort that sticks to everything but harms nothing. She actively engages hope as she faces transience, “storing away” a few recovered images in the appreciable structure of these long-cherished household elements.

Image: Sandra Ullman, "Slipping Away #27"