Sandra Yagi: Illuminated Movie Monsters

Opening: Saturday, Nov 14, 2020 2 – 5 pm
Saturday, Nov 14 – Dec 31, 2020

8 S. Michigan Ave.
Ste. 620
Chicago, IL 60603

RSVP required to attend. Link for RSVP coming in November.

Sandra Yagi's newest works are inspired by medieval illuminated manuscripts, which are hand-made, jewel-like book pages that celebrate and educate the reader with the important cultural issues of their time. She has chosen Hollywood movie monsters as her subjects for these stand-alone pages, with a wink and a nod to history and to popular culture.

Yagi is interested in the intersection between science and art, using themes of anatomy, genetic manipulation, evolution, and medical oddities as tools in the creation of intricate, small and medium scale paintings in traditional styles. These works depict strange worlds where flesh is malleable, skeletons of conjoined twins play, flayed simians invade the historical canons of Western art, and small, delicate, genetically hybrid creatures satisfy unusual curiosities and symbolize moral conundrums.