Sharing Shelter: Small, Affordable Works

Friday, May 15 – Jun 30, 2020

704 N. Wells
Chicago, IL 60654

View the exhibition here

From Dan Addington:

Recently, like me, you may have become aware of the fact that you are looking at the same walls in your living space more than ever before. In this time of sheltering in place, we all share the need for the presence of meaningful art to bring new moments of life and meaning to our environment. We often look to the arts in their many forms to provide renewal and hope. This exhibition is a special expression of this calling that artists possess and answer for our benefit. The artists featured in this exhibition have made unique, one of a kind works with their own hands, and their desire is to share them with others and make a connection with viewers. Most of these works were created recently as a response to current events, and in my opinion, they all possess a special power and spirit that belies their intimate dimensions.

It may be that at times like these, artists are at their best, stripping down to the very core, the motivations that compel them to make art. This beautiful exhibition of small jewel-like objects and images demonstrates that in a whisper there is real power. The size of these pieces allows you, the art viewer, to engage with (and acquire) this work easily. Concerns like measurements and decor can be set aside, and one must only react and embrace these beautiful statements that reassert our shared humanity and connection in challenging times.

Enjoy this creative selection of small but compelling works, and contact me via text or phone at 312.664.3406, or email at to reserve the works that you would like to welcome into your home, or have sent to a friend. Provide an email address and you will be sent an invoice which can be paid online. Shipping is free, and a 10% donation from the proceeds of each sale will be made to Care For Real, an organization working hard to meet the needs of those touched by the corona virus pandemic in Chicago. - Dan Addington

View the exhibition here