She Wolf

Saturday, Aug 8 – Sep 12, 2020

1741 W. Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

Chicago Truborn proudly presents "She Wolf" a duo show featuring Lady Luuz (Lucx) and Zeye One.  She Wolf is about reflecting on this transformative moment in history.  It focuses on the chaos in todays world and highlights a missing piece to the human puzzle, an imbalance in the current narrative ; That piece is the divine feminine energy. The wolf is a perfect symbol of this untapped power- wild, nurturing, desirous of freedom and deeply connected to the instinctual self, community, and natural law. 

The divine feminine energy is a part of us all that's required to live a balanced life but has been suppressed, violated, abused and written off as weak. This is not about gender, rather the balance of masculine/feminine energy that exists in ALL of us.  She Wolf honors the instinctual nature of the strength in feminine energy and our connection to everything.