Sheri Rush: Portals of Discovery

Sunday, Oct 15 – Dec 17, 2017 7 – 8 pm

5020 S. Cornell
Chicago, IL 60615

Sheri Rush’s first solo exhibition at Hyde Park Art Center, Portals of Discovery, features large-scale paintings which address the diminishing experience of nature, and specifically, the layers through which landscape is now viewed. We experience the sublime through the phone camera lens, pointed through the window of the car, train, or plane during our travels. The vast world becomes a blur, moving away from description to the communication of pure visual experience. 

These layers can make it difficult to enter a painting. However, space exists where these windows become portals, giving access to a place where the imaginary is in a perpetual state of emerging and dissolving. This experience creates a sense of familiarity yet of dislocation. To fracture our sense of place is a certain dissolution of self, invoking a transformation, a portal of discovery, a spiritual quest, or a shamanic journey.

About the artist

Sheri Rush is a Chicago-based painter whose practice includes photography and collage. She received a BFA in painting from Texas Christian University and a MFA in painting from the University if Chicago.  Rush, whose work explores the ineradicable nature of memory and recollection, has shown in Texas and throughout the Chicago area including the Hyde Park Art Center, where she participated in the Center Program while in the Visual Arts Certificate Program at the University of Chicago Graham School Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies during 2014.

Sheri Rush’s practice is currently in the new Guida Family Creative Wing at the Hyde Park Art Center where her studio will remain until October of 2017.