Climate Change: Tipping Into Chaos

Opening: Saturday, Oct 3, 2020 1 – 6 pm
Saturday, Oct 3 – 31, 2020

816 Dempster St
Evanston, IL 60202

 Space 900, in collaboration with Sky Day Project 2020, brings science and the arts together

 to focus on achieving a positive outcome for climate change. 

By exhibiting work that reflects their reactions to climate change, the gallery artists hope

 to raise awareness of the planet’s shared global crisis. 

The exhibit will include a video which will expand visual arts to include dance and music. 

The gallery exhibit will be shown online at and Sky Day Project 2020 as well as in the gallery.


Exhibiting Member Artists: 

 Ken Avick, Colleen Conley, Clark Ellithorpe, Jill King, Joanna Pinsky, and Judy Solomon

Todd Anderson: Videographer, Judith Roston Freilich, Video producer


Collaborating Artists:

Music for Visual Arts:  Joel Roston, Composer

Dance Direction and Camera: Béa Rashid

Music for Dance: Steve Rashid

Dancers: Kara Roseborough, Enid Smith, Tim Tsang

Sky Day Project 2020: Ben Whitehouse


Image: Hidden in the Storms, Judith Roston Freilich