Slow Read

Friday, Jun 7 – Jul 19, 2019

2010 W. Carroll Ave
Chicago, IL 60612

Location: Circle Contemporary 2010 West Carroll Ave.

Curated by Disparate Minds co-founders Andreana Donahue and Tim Ortiz

Featured artist:
Ted Gram-Boarini — Deborah Handler — Gina Hunt — David Krueger — Christianne Msall
Roni Packer — Susan Pasowicz — Grace Rosario Perkins — Hubert Posey — Adam Scott — Tim Stone

Slow Read is a diverse selection of recent works that represent ongoing pursuits of material manipulation and process, while remaining tethered to narrative, memory, or the spiritual. From graphite and colored pencil to acrylic on canvas to ceramic, these works follow the sublime aspirations of 20th-century abstraction and minimalism, but with an understanding that what those artists revealed wasn’t just reflective of the path they sought to pioneer, but the highly personal place they inevitably created from. Here, formal explorations are a starting point for the invention of a language that transmits idiosyncratic and mysterious ideas, feeling both familiar and unfamiliar.