Sly Neighbors

Opening: Friday, Jan 18, 2019 5 – 8 pm
Friday, Jan 18 – Mar 1, 2019

2010 W. Carroll Ave
Chicago, IL 60612

Opening Reception: January 18, 5-8pm

Sly Neighbors brings together a dynamic group of makers who invoke the uncanny and present forms that may feel deceptively simple. What does it mean for an artwork to embody its own logic, ritual, character, or magic? The eight artists in Sly Neighbors create objects, texts, and images that exist on the edge between fact and fiction, between personal narrative and cultural myth. The works in Sly Neighbors challenge us to question symbols in our everyday lives— symbols that may hold unexpected power for the artist and viewers alike.
Co-curated by Anna Showers-Cruser

Featured Artists:

Max Guy — Jessica Harvey — Lawrence M
Christianne Msall — Frances Roberts  — Amina Ross
Kelly Stone — Ruby T