Small Works Members’ Show

Thursday, Dec 10 – 20, 2020

1332 S. Halsted St.
Chicago, IL 60607
New address as of Nov. 2023

Online Viewing Room Available Here


Woman Made Gallery (WMG) is pleased to present its annual ‘Small Works Members’ Show,’ an exhibition with 145 works by 88 current WMG artist members.
A treasure trove for collectors, art lovers and gift givers, the exhibition includes painting, mixed media, fiber, collage, printmaking, sculpture, ceramic, photography and jewelry. Works have a size limitation of 16 inches and prices range from $50 to $300. Please view our online shop HERE.

Exhibiting Artists: Ngozi Akande, Anoush Bargamian, Amy Bernard, Boisali Biswas, Rose Bonacorsi, Sally Brown, Marianna Buchwald, Samantha Butkus, Betty Chernansky, Suzanne Scott Constantine, Sara Peak Convery, Beth Costello, Cathie Crawford, Patricia DaRif, Soumisha Dauthel, Tami Dollase, Sheila A. Donovan, Eileen Downes, Noreen Dean Dresser, Raquel Esquives, Carol Estes, SP Estes, Susan Fecho, Jesy G, Billie Giese, Kimberly Gust, Jenny Halpern, Connie Hanselman, Lynn Hill, Lynn Hill (Elmhurst), Marilyn Hrymak, Aunia Kahn, Sarah Kaiser-Amaral, Ruth Keitz, Emily Keown, Cynthia Kerby, Venise Keys, Mary King, Laila Kujala, Kim Laurel, Laurie LeBreton, Susan Lehman, Sandra Leonard, Dawn Liddicoatt, Jane Mason, Sandy Mayo, Linda Williams McCune, Carol L. Myers, Niki Nolin, Anne Nordhaus-Bike, Joan North, Kaytee O’Connell, Meela Palomx, Mary Penn, Carolyn Pereira, Giovanna Aguirre Peresson, Kathleen Peters, Corinne D. Peterson, Laura Phelps Rogers, Julie Pitzen, Mabi Ponce de Leon, Felicia Grant Preston, Ann Quinn, Cherry Rahn, Lyndsay Richards, Maria Ruggiero, Fran Sampson, Zelene Schlosberg, Sarah Schneiderman, Michele Silvetti-Schmitt, Dolores Slowinski, Gretchen Steele, Dorothy Straughter, Sharon Swidler, Cheryl Thomas, Tricia Townes, Frances Trainor, Star Trauth, Gwynneth VanLaven, Valerie Wahna, Julie Waltz-Stalker, Marybeth Ward, Tamara Wasserman, Laura Weathered, Mary Winter, Elaine Woo, Marjorie Woodruff, Lisa Youngdahl.


Top Image: Ngozi Akande